Executive Coaching and Leadership Development



Dr. Julie Johnson, Dean, University of Florida

 "We engaged Sean with individuals with a range of leadership responsibilities in the college. He was able to quickly understand ‘the person’ he was coaching and thus the goals and approaches for each one was highly individualized. Those participating in the coaching program were highly satisfied, often indicating that the experience really changed how they think about certain things. Based on the success with this first group of leaders, we have extended our engagement with Sean and Renogize for three additional leaders in the college.”    

Dr. Marion Broome, Dean, Duke University

  "Sean has been working with 5+ individuals from my executive team as they have transitioned into various administrative roles. To a person they have been highly satisfied with what he does and how he does it (assessment, observations of teams in ‘action’, pragmatic coaching). All have grown in their ability to work with others and lead. And their departments are much more functional. I also find how he interviews me for my expectations and then evaluation of that person very helpful- not all do that.  So we continue to engage Sean."    

Dr. Jennifer Henriksen, Assoc. Dean, Manchester University

 “My coach helped me not just change the way I think but also helped me put those thoughts into actions.”  

Dr. Ahmed Abdelmageed, Director, Manchester University

  “Sean was instrumental in helping me adjust to my new role as a member of the leadership team at my institution. He guided me through my anxieties, insecurities and aspirations all without “offering” solutions but rather by helping me discover my own strengths and identify my own areas of focus. He helped me turn my trepidations into motivations and left me with many invaluable tools that I continue to use as I grow personally and professionally”  

Attendee at Indiana Chamber of Commerce workshop

  “Sean Olson was a great presenter and I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this session. Very engaging.”  

Wes Key, Chick-fil-A Operator


“We recently partnered with Sean and Renogize on a pilot project. I selected one of our Leadership staff members to go through growth and development coaching with Sean. This particular leader has a lot of raw Leadership ability and skills that just needed someone to help them unlock this potential. With Sean’s coaching and guidance, we have seen so much growth in this leader and their future has become so much brighter. The really great part is that the growth happened both personally and professionally for our team member. We are proud to have partnered with Renogize and to have seen this success story happening within our own organization due to their help.”


Dr. John Gums, Assoc. Dean, University of Florida


“The aspect of the coaching process I enjoyed the most was how Sean is able to customize the objectives to not only individuals but based on where you are in your career trajectory. I always felt that what Sean and I were working on was unique to my needs and goals.”

Diane Uzarski, Chief of Staff, Duke University

  "Sean has a relaxed, open and trustworthy demeanor, and is easy to get to know. He is a keen listener, and uses this skill to add focus and simplicity to our discussions. He uses his thorough knowledge of the academic and business environments to create a sense of clarity and coherence, framing issues as he coached me. He is skillful in drawing together his life and professional experiences when making coaching recommendations; asking the right questions to help me to create an awakening and new understanding of a situation. 

Through the development of my leadership plan, Sean guided me through a leadership journey, holding me accountable for personal growth by instilling confidence, providing thoughtful insights, and encouraging me to build upon my strengths." 

Bobby Srivastava, Director, The Ohio State University


"Sean’s coaching over the last seven months has been invaluable. Sean has a very disarming personality, and we were able to talk through some key personal and professional issues in order to accelerate my leadership development.  Through our sessions, he helped provide the framework to become more prepared for future c-level opportunities by helping me solve problems I was dealing with today. I had to step out of my comfort zone with Sean in almost every conversation we had, and because of that everything in my life has become better. My family, my work relationships, and my leadership identity have all reached new heights through his coaching, and I hope we get the chance to work together again in the future."

Sara Trovinger, Director, Manchester University


My experience working with Sean was transformational.  During my time with him, I transitioned into a management position with direct reports for the first time.  Prior to working with him (and sometimes while working with him), I wasn’t sure that leading people was something that I really wanted deep down.  Sean helped me break down some of the barriers that had been holding me back to allow me to become a better leader for my team and a better faculty member for my students.  While this wasn’t always easy (and sometimes involved tears), it was needed and Sean led me through it with empathy and encouragement.  I have confidence as a leader and plan to continue to rise through academia.

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